Heyo, I'm Helen!

amor fati

cool work-ish things

building hands-on tech education at joincolab.io

web3 and storytelling at citizensofcrypto.io

previously product at microsoft, github, zynga

creating safe spaces with You Belong in Tech

hello helen, and random writing by yours truly

other fun things

creating communities for do-ers @ doing a thing

linking festivals with product management

spreading joy during covid times with covibes.app

. . . erm, more fun things?

cute holiday dance no one asked for

podcasting stories of hope and love

more do-it-all-in-five-hours dance projects

dorky interviews as a microsoft edge pm

baring it all at the grand canyon NSFW!

ok, ok, pls stop!
no more fun things !

go add me on my socials or something